ABOUT preliminary zoning analysis
Preliminary Zoning Analysis is a must have before selling, buying or representing a property or land. It is a report that consists of an efficient summary on zoning requirements, land use/development economic opportunities and bulk potential for highest and best use.
  • Every deal is unique but always time sensitive
    Legal reports may take long time
    A quick but comprehensive analysis is key for a deal close
  • Research dense information in zoning regulations
    Test vast number of buildable alternatives
    Prepare the neccessary documentation

Traditional Zoning Reports are expensive and time consuming. With our internal data automation tools, including ai and machine learning algorithms, we are here to help your clients to make well informed decisions, fast!!

WHY WORK WITH US? preliminary zoning analysis
Our internal automation tools and experience of performing over 1000 analyses within United States allows us to deliver a preliminary zoning analysis in 2 business days. Whether you are the seller, buyer or broker, you can contact us to achieve this report at a low cost. If you are constantly on the hunt and often need these quick analyses, we have a subscription model for you to get service whenever you need, for a fixed monthly rate.
Discover your site’s potential in no time
Figure out as of rights.
Maximize your option for how to allocate your buildable area.
Understand the best alternative for the maximized 3D Envelope for your building.
Have your report in your hand in no time.
Check out our sample reports
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  • Kalmon Dolgin
  • Epic Realty
  • GP Properties
  • Douglas Elliman
  • Tepe Constrcution Inc
  • Astera Property Group
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